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Mar 2 7:30PASweep of the Devil52VsShot Rock-et32
BIce Holes32VsThe Ice Pirates42
CSchitt Happens125VsOK Broomer00
Mar 2 9:00pBThe Jim Rats22VsThe Rockafellas53
COn The Rocks32VsOur Sheet Don't Stink42
Mar 9 7:30PAThe Ice Pirates22VsOn The Rocks32
BShot Rock-et11VsThe Rockafellas84
COK Broomer42VsOur Sheet Don't Stink54
Mar 9 9:00PBIce Holes11VsSchitt Happens105
CThe Jim Rats33VsSweep of the Devil43
Mar 16 7:30PAShot Rock-et72VsIce Holes83
BOK Broomer74VsOn The Rocks52
CThe Ice Pirates11VsSchitt Happens105
Mar 16 9:00PBThe Jim Rats64VsOur Sheet Don't Stink21
CSweep of the Devil83VsThe Rockafellas32
Mar 23 7:30PAOK Broomer21VsShot Rock-et54
BSweep of the Devil42VsOur Sheet Don't Stink63
COn The Rocks93VsIce Holes73
Mar 23 9:00P BSchitt Happens104VsThe Rockafellas11
CThe Jim Rats54VsThe Ice Pirates21
Mar 30 7:30PASchitt Happens33VsSweep of the Devil43
BThe Ice Pirates21VsThe Rockafellas74
CShot Rock-et44VsOur Sheet Don't Stink21
Mar 30 9:00P BIce Holes54VsOK Broomer42
CThe Jim Rats42VsOn The Rocks64
Apr 6 7:30PAOK Broomer53VsThe Ice Pirates72
BSweep of the Devil43VsOn The Rocks53
CThe Rockafellas105VsIce Holes11
Apr 6 9:00PBShot Rock-et22VsThe Jim Rats63
CSchitt Happens73VsOur Sheet Don't Stink32
Apr 13 7:30PAThe Rockafellas22VsOur Sheet Don't Stink43
BShot Rock-et52VsThe Ice Pirates73
CSweep of the Devil105VsIce Holes00
Apr 13 9:00PBSchitt Happens124VsOn The Rocks32
CThe Jim Rats63VsOK Broomer54
Apr 20 7:30PAOn The Rocks00VsShot Rock-et75
BOur Sheet Don't Stink53VsIce Holes42
CThe Rockafellas33VsOK Broomer42
Apr 20 9:00PBSweep of the Devil43VsThe Ice Pirates52
CThe Jim Rats53VsSchitt Happens43
Apr 27 7:30PAThe Ice Pirates21VsOur Sheet Don't Stink43
BShot Rock-et00VsSchitt Happens85
CSweep of the Devil44VsOK Broomer11
Apr 27 9:00P BThe Rockafellas74VsOn The Rocks52
CThe Jim Rats33VsIce Holes22
May 4 7:30PAShot Rock-et43VsThe Rockafellas53
BOn The Rocks53VsOur Sheet Don't Stink33
CIce Holes22VsThe Ice Pirates63
May 4 9:00P BSchitt Happens74VsOK Broomer11
CSweep of the Devil22VsThe Jim Rats43
Finals Week
May 11 7:30PAIce HolesVsOK Broomer
BOur Sheet Don't StinkVsOn The Rocks
CThe Ice PiratesVsShot Rock-et
May 11 9:00P BSchitt HappensVsThe Rockafellas
CThe Jim RatsVsSweep of the Devil


Schitt Happens828341
The Rockafellas735230
The Jim Rats734530
Sweep of the Devil644930
Our Sheet Don't Stink643825
On The Rocks554423
The Ice Pirates553818
Shot Rock-et373725
Ice Holes283220
OK Broomer193221

W = Wins

L = Loses

P = Points

E = Ends


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