Thank you for your interest in curling. The Tulsa Curling Club offers corporate and private instructional sessions that will provide your group with a unique and entertaining experience.

Event Format

Our curling events will provide your group with an introduction to curling and aim to engage participants in all aspects of the game. Typical sessions are structured as ½ hour of on-ice instruction and 1½ hours of game play. Each event has room for up to 24 individuals.


Events are typically scheduled Monday through Friday between 10am to 3pm. Weeknights and weekends are presently booked with leagues and other club activities. Two weeks of lead time is required for scheduling and a $250 deposit is required when booking.


The cost for this type of event is $1000 and includes:

  • 2 hours of ice time
  • All required equipment
  • 3 instructors

If you are interested in booking an event, please fill out the form below:


    What to Wear

    Players should dress in layers, as air temperature on the ice is usually around 45°F.

    – Warm, comfortable clothing

    – Stretchy or loose fitting pants that enable freedom of movement

    – Clean, rubber-soled athletic shoes (no heels)

    – Hats and gloves are optional

    Event Overview

    On-ice Instruction includes:

    • Safety Instruction
    • Demonstration of basic curling skills and shots
    • Practice drills to prepare participants for game play, such as:
      • Sliding out of the hack or using the Stick delivery method
      • Delivering a rock to the target (house)
      • Sweeping a rock down the sheet of ice

    Game play:

    • 4-person teams formed
    • Usually 3-4 ends (scoring rounds) of curling played
    • Instructors assist with strategy and guide teams through entire experience.

    Is Curling Difficult to Learn?

    The game of curling is easy to learn and great for groups of all shapes, sizes, and athletic levels. While it is a game of strategy and finesse, the fundamental skills and rules of curling can be picked up quickly and your group will be ready for game play in about 30 minutes.

    Can I curl if I have back or knee problems?

    Yes. We offer two methods of delivery of the rock: the slide delivery and the stick delivery. The slide delivery is the method most seen and involves a sliding lunge. The stick delivery is an alternate method in which players deliver rocks from an upright position. It was created to allow less mobile curlers the opportunity to play. Players may choose the stick delivery method for a variety of reasons including: back or knee issues, loss of mobility, and general health concerns.

    Is there a meeting room available?

    Yes, there is a separate room at the ice center available for an additional charge.

    Are spectators allowed to come watch?

    Yes. We welcome spectators to all our events. There is viewing available around the ice and in the lobby. There is no charge for guests and spectators that are watching only.

    Can childcare be provided?

    Childcare is not provided by the curling club. Children are allowed in all the viewing areas but, for safety reasons, are not allowed on the ice. Children must be supervised by the private group.


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