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Mar 8 7:45PASweep of the Devil53VsThe Ice Pirates11
B3 Sheets To The Win00VsThe Rockafellas74
CHammertime11VsThe Outsliders43
Mar 8 9:10p BSchitt Happens73VsPlan B22
COn The Rocks43VsOur Sheet Don't Stink32
Mar 15 6:00PAHammertime00VsSchitt Happens97
BThe Outsliders53VsOn The Rocks64
CPlan B64VsOur Sheet Don't Stink54
Mar 15 8:00p BThe Ice Pirates22VsThe Rockafellas64
C3 Sheets To The Win63VsSweep of the Devil74
Mar 22 6:00PAThe Outsliders92VsSchitt Happens65
B3 Sheets To The Win32VsOur Sheet Don't Stink54
CPlan B62VsOn The Rocks44
Mar 22 8:00p BThe Ice Pirates21VsHammertime75
CSweep of the Devil64VsThe Rockafellas43
Mar 29 6:00PAPlan B93VsThe Ice Pirates53
BOn The Rocks135VsHammertime11
CSweep of the Devil43VsOur Sheet Don't Stink83
Mar 29 8:00p BSchitt Happens11VsThe Rockafellas95
C3 Sheets To The Win33VsThe Outsliders64
Apr 5 6:00PA3 Sheets To The Win63VsOn The Rocks54
BThe Outsliders84VsThe Rockafellas53
CThe Ice Pirates83VsOur Sheet Don't Stink42
Apr 5 8:00p BHammertime33VsPlan B93
CSchitt Happens54VsSweep of the Devil63
Apr 12 6:00PAPlan B64VsThe Outsliders52
BThe Ice Pirates41Vs3 Sheets To The Win125
CSchitt Happens101VsOur Sheet Don't Stink11
Apr 12 8:00p BSweep of the Devil156VsOn The Rocks11
CThe Rockafellas127VsHammertime00
Apr 19 6:00PAThe Rockafellas103VsOur Sheet Don't Stink74
BSchitt Happens85VsOn The Rocks63
C3 Sheets To The Win11VsPlan B96
Apr 19 8:00p BThe Ice Pirates33VsThe Outsliders64
CSweep of the Devil13VsHammertime22
Apr 26 6:00PAOn The Rocks42VsThe Ice Pirates64
BSweep of the Devil54VsThe Outsliders32
CThe Rockafellas32VsPlan B44
Apr 26 8:00p BOur Sheet Don't Stink66VsHammertime11
C3 Sheets To The Win11VsSchitt Happens97
May 3 6:00PAThe Outsliders22VsOur Sheet Don't Stink65
BThe Ice Pirates125VsSchitt Happens52
CThe Rockafellas125VsOn The Rocks52
May 3 8:00p B3 Sheets To The Win74VsHammertime52
CSweep of the Devil103VsPlan B94
May 10 6:00PASweep of the Devil43Vs3 Sheets To The Win93
BThe Ice Pirates64VsThe Rockafellas93
CHammertime95VsThe Outsliders62
May 10 8:00p BSchitt Happens64VsPlan B53
COn The Rocks64VsOur Sheet Don't Stink32
Finals Week
May 17 6:00PAThe Ice PiratesVsHammertime
BThe OutslidersVsOn The Rocks
COur Sheet Don't StinkVs3 Sheets To The Win
May 17 8:00p BSweep of the DevilVsThe Rockafellas
CPlan BVsSchitt Happens


Sweep of the Devil827540
The Rockafellas737739
Plan B736435
Schitt Happens646743
On The Rocks555233
The Outsliders555229
Our Sheet Don't Stink464833
3 Sheets to the Win464824
The Ice Pirates284725

W = Wins

L = Loses

P = Points

E = Ends


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