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Sept 15 7:30PASweep of the Devil22VsStone Cold32
BThe Jim Rats11VsThe Rockafellas64
CHammertime11VsThe Non-Rolling Stones32
Sept 15 9:00p BSchitt Happens83VsCurl Power22
COn The Rocks73VsOur Sheet Don't Stink22
Sept 22 7:30PAHammertime00VsSchitt Happens145
BThe Non-Rolling Stones42VsOn The Rocks53
CCurl Power42VsOur Sheet Don't Stink53
Sept 22 9:00P BStone Cold00VsThe Rockafellas104
CThe Jim Rats00VsSweep of the Devil54
Sept 29 7:30PAThe Non-Rolling StonesVsSchitt Happens
BThe Jim RatsVsOur Sheet Don't Stink
CCurl PowerVsOn The Rocks
Sept 29 9:00P BStone ColdVsHammertime
CSweep of the DevilVsThe Rockafellas
Oct 6 7:30PACurl PowerVsStone Cold
BOn The RocksVsHammertime
CSweep of the DevilVsOur Sheet Don't Stink
Oct 6 9:00P BSchitt HappensVsThe Rockafellas
CThe Jim RatsVsThe Non-Rolling Stones
Oct 13 7:30PAThe Jim RatsVsOn The Rocks
BThe Non-Rolling StonesVsThe Rockafellas
CStone ColdVsOur Sheet Don't Stink
Oct 13 9:00P BHammertimeVsCurl Power
CSchitt HappensVsSweep of the Devil
Oct 20 7:30PACurl PowerVsThe Non-Rolling Stones
BStone ColdVsThe Jim Rats
CSchitt HappensVsOur Sheet Don't Stink
Oct 20 9:00P BSweep of the DevilVsOn The Rocks
CThe RockafellasVsHammertime
Oct 27 7:30PAThe RockafellasVsOur Sheet Don't Stink
BSchitt HappensVsOn The Rocks
CThe Jim RatsVsCurl Power
Oct 27 9:00P BStone ColdVsThe Non-Rolling Stones
CSweep of the DevilVsHammertime
Nov 3 7:30PAOn The RocksVsStone Cold
BSweep of the DevilVsThe Non-Rolling Stones
CThe RockafellasVsCurl Power
Nov 3 9:00P BOur Sheet Don't StinkVsHammertime
CThe Jim RatsVsSchitt Happens
Nov 10 7:30PAThe Non-Rolling StonesVsOur Sheet Don't Stink
BStone ColdVsSchitt Happens
CThe RockafellasVsOn The Rocks
Nov 10 9:00P BThe Jim RatsVsHammertime
CSweep of the DevilVsCurl Power
Nov 17 7:30PASweep of the DevilVsThe Jim Rats
BStone ColdVsThe Rockafellas
CHammertimeVsThe Non-Rolling Stones
Nov 17 9:00P BSchitt HappensVsCurl Power
COn The RocksVsOur Sheet Don't Stink
Finals Week
Dec 1 7:30PA7th PlaceVs8th Place
B5th PlaceVs6th Place
C9th PlaceVs10th Place
Dec 1 9:00P B1st PlaceVs2nd Place
C3rd PlaceVs4th Place


Schitt Happens20228
The Rockafellas20168
On The Rocks20126
Sweep of the Devil1176
Our Sheet Don't Stink1175
The Non-Rolling Stones1174
Stone Cold1132
Curl Power0274
The Jim Rats0211

W = Wins

L = Loses

P = Points

E = Ends


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