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Oct 19 7:30p13 Sheets to the Win11VsSheet Happens53
2The Outsliders33VsHousekeeping11
3On The Rocks11VsHammertime32
Oct 26 7:30p1Rock Crushers21VsOn The Rocks53
23 Sheets to the Win00VsThe Rockafellas105
3Sweep of the Devil53VsThe Outsliders32
Nov 2 7:30p1Housekeeping11VsSweep of the Devil53
2Hammertime32VsRock Crushers22
3Sheet Happens43VsThe Rockafellas72
Nov 9 7:30p13 Sheets to the Win74VsHammertime22
2The Outsliders22VsSheet Happens63
3On The Rocks62VsHousekeeping22
Nov 16 7:30p1The Outsliders43VsThe Rockafellas53
2On The Rocks00VsSweep of the Devil85
33 Sheets to the Win32VsRock Crushers23
Nov 23 7:30p1Sheet Happens95VsRock Crushers11
2Housekeeping22VsThe Rockafellas63
3Hammertime44VsSweep of the Devil52
Nov 30 7:30p1Hammertime44VsThe Outsliders31
2Sheet Happens32VsOn The Rocks22
33 Sheets to the Win00VsHousekeeping53
Nov 30 9:00p1On The Rocks33VsThe Rockafellas42
23 Sheets to the Win53VsSweep of the Devil22
3The Outsliders94VsRock Crushers21
Dec 7 7:30P1Sheet Happens53VsSweep of the Devil32
2Housekeeping11VsRock Crushers22
3Hammertime43VsThe Rockafellas52
Dec 7 9:00p1The Rockafellas32VsSweep of the Devil53
23 Sheets to the Win53VsThe Outsliders22
3Sheet Happens125VsHousekeeping00
Dec 14 7:30P 13 Sheets to the Win64VsOn The Rocks11
2Sheet Happens52VsHammertime33
3The Rockafellas104VsRock Crushers11
Dec 14 9:00p 1Hammertime84VsHousekeeping00
2Sweep of the Devil53VsRock Crushers42
3The Outsliders42VsOn The Rocks94
Dec 21 7:30P1The Outsliders33VsHousekeeping42
2On The Rocks63VsHammertime22
33 Sheets to the Win43VsSheet Happens32
Dec 21 9:00p1On The Rocks11VsRock Crushers54
23 Sheets to the Win31VsThe Rockafellas94
3The Outsliders32VsSweep of the Devil43
Dec 28 7:30P 1Sheet Happens64VsThe Rockafellas31
2Housekeeping22VsSweep of the Devil53
3Hammertime11VsRock Crushers64
Dec 28 9:00p13 Sheets to the Win11VsHammertime84
2The Outsliders22VsSheet Happens73
3On The Rocks63VsHousekeeping42
Jan 4 7:30p1The Outsliders63VsThe Rockafellas83
2On The Rocks33VsSweep of the Devil21
33 Sheets to the Win73VsRock Crushers32
Jan 4 9:00p1Sheet Happens73VsRock Crushers22
2Housekeeping32VsThe Rockafellas63
3Hammertime42VsSweep of the Devil33
Finals Week
Jan 11 7:30p2Rock CrushersVsThe Outsliders
Jan 11 9:00p1On The RocksVsHammertime
2The RockafellasVsSheet Happens
3Sweep of the DevilVs3 Sheets to the Win


The Rockafellas1027734
Sheet Happens1027239
Sweep of the Devil845233
3 Sheets to the Win754225
On The Rocks664326
Rock Crushers393224
The Outsliders2104125

W = Wins

L = Loses

P = Points

E = Ends


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