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Mar 5 7:30p13 Sheets to the Win11VsSheet Happens33
2The Rockafellas32VsHousekeeping32
3On The Rocks53VsHammertime11
Mar 10 7:30p1Sweep of the Devil00VsSchlumberger C64
2Sledgehammer90VsFor For Sheets and Giggles00
3The Outsliders53VsThe Misfits11
Mar 12 7:30p1Hammertime94VsThe Rockafellas21
2Sheet Happens83VsOn The Rocks22
33 Sheets to the Win43VsHousekeeping11
Mar 17 7:30p1The MisfitsVsSledgehammer
2Schlumberger CVsThe Outsliders
3Sweep of the DevilVsFor For Sheets and Giggles
Mar 19 7:30p1The RockafellasVsOn The Rocks
23 Sheets to the WinVsHammertime
3Sheet HappensVsHousekeeping
Mar 24 7:30p1The OutslidersVsSledgehammer
2Sweep of the DevilVsThe Misfits
3Schlumberger CVsFor Sheets and Giggles
Mar 26 7:30p1Sheet HappensVsHammertime
2HousekeepingVsOn The Rocks
33 Sheets to the WinVsThe Rockafellas
Mar 31 7:30p1Schlumberger CVsThe Misfits
2For Sheets and GigglesVsThe Outsliders
3Sweep of the DevilVsSledgehammer
Apr 2 6:10P1HousekeepingVsFor Sheets and Giggles
2The RockafellasVsSledgehammer
3The OutslidersVsOn The Rocks
Apr 2 7:30p1Sheet HappensVsSchlumberger C
23 Sheets to the WinVsSweep of the Devil
3The MisfitsVsHammertime
Apr 9 6:10P 1On The RocksVsSweep of the Devil
2Sheet HappensVsFor Sheets and Giggles
3The OutslidersVsThe Rockafellas
Apr 9 7:30p 1Schlumberger CVsHammertime
2The MisfitsVsHousekeeping
3SledgehammerVs3 Sheets to the Win
Apr 16 6:10P1The MisfitsVsOn The Rocks
23 Sheets to the WinVsSchlumberger C
3SledgehammerVsSheet Happens
Apr 16 7:30p1The OutslidersVsHousekeeping
2HammertimeVsSweep of the Devil
3For Sheets and GigglesVsThe Rockafellas
Apr 23 6:10P 1For Sheets and GigglesVs3 Sheets to the Win
2The MisfitsVsThe Rockafellas
3HousekeepingVsSweep of the Devil
Apr 23 7:30p 1SledgehammerVsHammertime
2On The RocksVsSchlumberger C
3Sheet HappensVsThe Outsliders
Apr 30 6:10P1For Sheets and GigglesVsOn The Rocks
2Sheet HappensVsSweep of the Devil
3Schlumberger CVsThe Rockafellas
Apr 30 7:30p1SledgehammerVsHousekeeping
2The OutslidersVsHammertime
3The MisfitsVs3 Sheets to the Win
May 7 6:10P 1The MisfitsVsSheet Happens
2SledgehammerVsOn The Rocks
3The OutslidersVs3 Sheets to the Win
May 7 7:30p 1For Sheets and GigglesVsHammertime
2Schlumberger CVsHousekeeping
3The RockafellasVsSweep of the Devil
May 14 6:10P19th PlaceVs10th Place
23rd PlaceVs4th Place
311th PlaceVs12th Place
May 14 7:30p15th PlaceVs6th Place
21st PlaceVs2nd Place
37th PlaceVs8th Place


Sheet Happens20116
Schlumberger C1064
The Outsliders1053
The Rockafellas1153
3 Sheets to the Win1144
On The Rocks1175
The Misfits0111
Sweep of the Devil0100
For Sheets and Giggles0100

W = Wins

L = Loses

P = Points

E = Ends


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